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7 Chakras: Sterling Silver and Garnet Muladhara Root Chakra Pendant

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Muladhara chakra:  I am

The first chakra starts at the base of the spine by the tail bone and is called the Root Chakra.  Mula means root, and dhara means function or support. It is associated with our basic needs of food, sleep, sex, and self-preservation of life.   These four instincts are part of our physical life and functions. 

The cognitive sense associated with this chakra is smell because it is linked to our survival. We use our sense of smell in conjunction with food to discerning our hunger and the freshness of what we consume.  The active sense of this chakra is also related to food and how we eliminate it from our body in the form of defecation.  A properly balanced root chakra allows us to eliminate what we do not need setting a supporting foundation for our body.  

Clearly, the pelvic organs, tailbone, nerves, muscles, pelvic floor, legs, and lower belly are affected by Muladhara. When we strengthen this energy, we stabilize the physical form that allows consciousness to unfold.  Without a strong root, everything above it becomes shaky and unstable.  Proper diet (balanced, healthy, right proportions) aids the root chakra. 

If you are deficient in the root chakra, you may experience a lack of self-esteem and sex drive, as well as feelings of insecurity.  Too much energy in your Muladhara chakra may exhibit characteristics of egotism, overbearing sexual desires, selfishness, and materialism.  When your root chakra is balanced, you feel grounded and have limitless energy.

When the root chakra is open and clear you are able to take the steps necessary to take care of yourself financially and provide for what is rightfully yours; a comfortable home, food, and clothing.

Stone; Garnet

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