Serket Scorpion Citrine Sterling Silver Pendant

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Just shy of 2" in length, this detailed scorpion pendant is made of sterling silver and features four dazzling yellow citrine gemstones.

We named this scorpion citrine sterling silver pendant after the Egyptian goddess Serkat. She is the goddess of protection. Her name means "She Who Causes the Throat to Breathe".

Citrine is a stone of bright energy! It brings happiness, joy, and light to those that wear them. They will keep you looking fine and running wild!  Feel the warmth of the heat that created this beautiful gemstone. It's like wearing little suns in your ears!

Queen Victoria was a little bit obsessed with this sunny gemstone, and so are we! It is also known as the success stone and brings wealth and abundance to those that wear it.

We chose citrine as the stone for this piece to combine the power of wealth and abundance of the gemstone with the protection of the scorpion goddess Serkat.

The best lightning rod for your protection is your own spine. 
Ralph Waldo Emerson