Citrus Sacred Geometry Silver Necklace with Peridot

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Inspired by the sacred geometry found in the foods we eat, our Citrus Silver Pendant features a peridot "seed" in the middle. This piece is so juicy and unique, you will enjoy your friends' comments as they try and guess the inspiration. 

Peridot is one of only two gemstones not formed in the Earth's crust (diamond is the other). It's called an "extreme" gem because it is born of fire in the molten rock of Earth's upper mantle. Thanks to earthquakes and volcanoes it is brought to the surface. Peridot has also been found in comet dust!

This silver pendant is 3 cm in diameter. We have included a suggested chain option, but we have many chains to choose from here should you desire a different length or thickness. 

I penetrate
your contours, your waters,
your women,
and see how your forests
sway with
sacred birds and leaves,
the wheat spilling over in the granaries,
and ships sailing
in dark estuaries,
I understand that you are,
an orange,
a fruit of fire.
Pablo Neruda