Hanuman Sapphire Pendant Necklace with Ruby Crown

Hanuman Sapphire Pendant Necklace with Ruby Crown

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Our Hanuman~ji pendant is made of sterling silver and features over 100 precious and semi-precious gemstones. The diety is surrounded by mostly fancy colored sapphires and rubies.  

Hanuman was born to the beautiful Anjana who prayed daily desiring a boy child. His father is the wind god Vayu who blessed some grains of rice that fell into Anjana’s uplifted arms in Anjali Mudra. She ate the blessed grains and became pregnant.

Hanuman’s original name was Anjaneya. He was a mischievous and spirited youth, as you imagine one would be when your father is the wind. He would douse holy fires and pull the beards of saints. One day he was hungry, looked up at the sun, and thought it was a giant mango. He lept into the air to take a bite out of the sun, and Surya threw a lightning bolt breaking Anjaneya’s jaw and killing him.

Vayu was pissed. He sucked up all the air on earth and refused to exhale. The gods met and an agreement was reached. Anjaneya would come back to life with the new name Hanuman, which meant broken jaw in Sanskrit. He would also be cursed with only short-term memory in order to forget he was half god and the superpowers that came with it and continue to live as a mortal. He could be reminded of these powers by another at any time and regain his godly prowess.

In addition, he would live with the monkey king Sugriva and take monkey form because his mother was unable to control his playful and troublesome behavior.

How did Hanuman transform from a troublesome child to a hero?

While wandering in the forest of the monkeys, Hanuman met Lord Ram and instantly became both his servant (dosa) and hero (vira).

The love story of Ram and Sita is told in the epic Ramayana. The evil king Ravana was jealous of the couple. He sent a golden, jeweled deer to the forest where they were exiled for 14 years. Sita wanted the deer, and Ram went into the forest and shot it with an arrow. The deer, which was really the demon Maricha, cried out Sita and her attendant Ram’s brother Lakshman using Ram’s voice. Lakshman stayed awake the entire 14 years to protect Ram; however, he was tricked by the voice and lured into leaving Sita alone because he thought Ram was in trouble. Ravana disguised as a sadhu kidnapped Sita and took her to the island of Lanka.

War erupted, and Hanuman was sent to Lanka to search for Sita with Ram’s ring in hand. He did not know how he would make the journey from the Indian subcontinent to the island. He bowed down in prayer with one leg folded under him similar to half Virasana. The curse of his short-term memory caused him to forget his power as the son of the wind. Jambavanta, the king of the bears, tells Hanuman:

You are as powerful as the wind;

You are intelligent, illustrious and an inventor.

There is nothing in this world that’s too difficult for you;

Whenever stuck, you are the one who can help.

Hanuman is reminded of his superpowers and takes one giant leap to Lanka over demons and hundreds of miles. He searched for Sita and found her in the gardens of Ravana’s palace. He changed into a cat and told Sita Ram was coming to rescue her.

This pendant measures 1 1/2" by 1 1/8" and is absolutely stunning. The picture does not do it justice! Blue sapphire accentuated Hanuman's eyes and third eye, while rubies adorn his crown chakra. 

Wearing this piece will gently remind you of your hidden superpowers!

This Hanuman pendant is part of our deities collection

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