Blue Sapphire Shrivasta Endless Knot Sterling Silver Pendant

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Srivatsa, or Tibetan Endless Knot, is believed to be at least 2500 years old from the Indus Valley Civilization. It made an impression on us on our first trip to Nepal in 1993.

Also called the Eternal Knot, this sacred image is part of the 8 auspicious symbols of Buddhism. Buddha's endless wisdom and compassion are represented in the symbology. It is also revered by Jains and Hindus and is found throughout ancient Indian art. 

The Endless Knot depicts the nature of reality and our interdependence. Wearing this piece will remind you of your own Buddha nature and source of endless compassion and wisdom that comes from our interconnectedness. 

Our version of the Endless Knot is relatively small (1" by 3/4") featuring 80 beautiful blue sapphires set in sterling silver. We offer this pendant in two varieties featuring darker or lighter blue sapphires. There is a very slight difference in the shades. We also feature this pendant with 80 rubies.

Impermanence and selflessness are not negative aspect of life, but the very foundation on which life is built. Impermanence is the constant transformation of things. Without impermanence, there can be no life. Selflessness is the interdependent nature of all things. Without interdependence, nothing could exist.
Thich Nhat Hanh