Chameleon with Faceted Moldavite Pendant Necklace

Chameleon with Faceted Moldavite Pendant Necklace

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We cut this exquisite piece of moldavite ourselves. It is a perfect fit for this beautiful little Chameleon.

This lovely little creature measures about 1.25 inches tall. There is so much detail in the scales of this Old World lizard. Its tail holds a beautiful, dark green, faceted moldavite. 

The spirit of the chameleon is adaptability. Wearing our Cosmic Chameleon Silver Pendant will remind you to be easeful and go with the flow no matter what life throws at you. Just change colors!

Just like real chameleons, our silver pendants come in different color gemstones. We offer this piece is plain sterling silver and peridot

Moldavite is considered the most powerful crystal in the world! From ancient times, people have thought moldavite brought good luck.

The story of how it was created is amazing and explains why the gem has such intense energy. 

15 million years ago an enormous meteorite crashed into the mountains of what is today southern Germany. The intense heat created moldavite! This rare stone is only found in the Czech Republic and is named for the Moldau River,

Some people experience a flush of heat when they wear or hold moldavite for the first time. This warmth helps to release old patterns of negativity and shift one's intentions.

We offer this unique piece of fine jewelry with a chain option, or you may choose from our wide selection of chains here