Chacaltaya Purple Amethyst & Green Peridot Snowflake Mandala Pendant

Chacaltaya Purple Amethyst & Green Peridot Snowflake Mandala Pendant

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Featuring 31 Brazilian purple amethysts and green peridot gemstones, this stunning mandala snowflake pendant measures 1 1/4" across.

Originally these designs were a new twist on our sacred geometry line using geometric patterns and were not intended to resemble snowflakes. In fact, we had no idea that snowflakes "naturally arrange themselves into a hexagonal (six-sided) structure." 

Chacaltaya is the only ski resort in Bolivia and has the world's highest elevation ski lift. We think this beautiful purple and green snowflake was equally as special and unique as the ski area of its namesake. 

Amethyst is a favorite gem for it all its purple shades and hues. Did you know that the name amethyst comes from the Greek word for "not intoxicate"? Wearing amethyst jewelry is said to protect one from drunkenness. Maybe that's the reason we love this gem!

Peridot is one of only two gemstones not formed in the Earth's crust (diamond is the other). It's called an "extreme" gem because it is born of fire in the molten rock of Earth's upper mantle. Thanks to earthquakes and volcanoes it is brought to the surface. Peridot has also been found in comet dust!

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