Bee Nice Sterling Silver Honeybee Earrings

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Jai 108 Presents is very concerned about the drastic reduction in beehives and populations globally, with the largest decline seen in the US and Europe. Bees are important insect pollinators for world food supply and are key to all ecosystems. Disease, parasites, industrial agriculture, insecticides, and climate change are huge factors to tackle in saving the bees. 

To help raise awareness and to support beekeepers and organizations working to maintain and restore bee populations, we have created these unique fine jewelry earrings. These silver honeybee earrings were inspired by our desire to spread information and resources about this issue we are very concerned about.

The Bee Nice Sterling Silver Honeybee Earrings feature a detailed and beautiful version of this important creature. The earrings measure one inch in length (the bee is 1/2 inch) and 3/4 inch in width. We also offer a Save the Bees pendant with a gold bee atop a silver honeycomb

For each sale of our Bee Nice Sterling Silver Honeybee earrings, we will donate $5 to The Honeybee Conservancy. This non-profit is working to help bee populations and reduce human hunger. 
Far from being a niche concern, bees enable the growth of one in three bites of food we eat. In short, bees work alongside us, in the fields and in the gardens, right at the heart of human survival.

And yet, bees are dying out.

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