Telluride Opal and Blue Sapphire Sterling Silver Snowflake Pendant

Telluride Opal and Blue Sapphire Sterling Silver Snowflake Pendant

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We found the most beautiful gemstone combination that lets you remember the first time you caught a snowflake on your tongue or built your first snowman (or is it snow human?). This elegant sterling silver snowflake pendant is adorned with 13 Ethiopian opals contrasted by 24 tiny blue sapphire accents.

Ancient Romans thought that opals were the most powerful gemstones because they contain so many colors. Bedouins believed opals contained lightning.

Opals are said to strengthen and reinforce positive thoughts. In addition, wearing opal jewelry inspires creativity. Our Telluride opal and blue sapphire pendant is sure to do both! Who doesn't need both of these qualities in their life? 

Additionally, blue sapphires are said to promote health and joy. Ancient Persians believed that the blue sapphire gems found on Earth were actually chips from a great sapphire pedestal that held the planet. The reason the sky is blue is merely a reflection of the color of the sapphire pedestal.

We named this opal and blue sapphire pendant after Telluride and the amazing skies of a bluebird day and the opulent nature of Colorado champagne powder. Whether you have been to Telluride or not, the snowflake pendant will make you feel like you are on top of a mountain, perhaps sitting on a blue sapphire pedestal. 

We watch a sunlight dust dance,
and we try to be that lively,
but nobody knows what music those particles hear.

Each of us has a secret companion musician to dance to.
Unique rhythmic play, a motion in the street we alone know and hear.