Seed of Life with Stones (New Design!) in Sterling Silver

Jai 108 Presents

$ 60.00

Our new design features bigger stones!  Sterling silver seed of life pendant featuring naturally radiant tsavorite (green garnet), green sapphire, orange sapphire, pink sapphire, tanzanite, yellow sapphire and rubies. You can also choose your own stones and have one custom made with or without the outer circle.


The Seed of Life is an ancient sacred geometry symbol found throughout the world. From the Egyptian Temple of Osiris to Italian art from the 1200s, this design of seven circles arranged in six-fold symmetry forms the basis for the Flower of Life.   It is thought to represent the pattern of creation paralleling the Judeo-Christian belief with each circle representing a day.   Correlations can be found in music and nature.  


Made in Thailand by Huckleberry from ethically sourced materials.

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