Inner Journey Iolite, Rhodolite Garnet, & Amethyst Flower of Life Pendant

Inner Journey Iolite, Rhodolite Garnet, & Amethyst Flower of Life Pendant

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This unique take on our Flower of Life pendant features a beautiful amethyst in the center surrounded by rhodolite garnets and iolite. The place of the gems really demonstrates the little flowers that are formed by the circles used to create this ancient symbol.

Once studied by Leonardo DaVinci, the Flower of Life is made of 19 overlapping circles said to represent the interconnectedness of all living beings. The oldest known representations of the Flower of Life are found in the Temple of Osiris in Egypt. 

The dark purple of the iolite is simply stunning and complements the amethyst perfectly! Iolite was used by Viking explorers to determine their position at sea. They would look through the gem to view the sun, hence iolite is referred to as the "Viking's Compass". 

For those that wear iolite, it is said to inspire dreams, intuition, and exploration. Our pendant will ignite your inner journey of exploration. Combined with the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life, you are sure to feel strongly the interconnectedness of all living beings. 

Amethyst is a favorite gem for it all its purple shades and hues. Did you know that the name amethyst comes from the Greek word for "not intoxicate"? Wearing amethyst jewelry is said to protect one from drunkenness. Maybe that's the reason we love this gem!

This Flower of Life pendant is just shy of 2" in diameter.

“My brother asked the birds to forgive him: that sounds senseless, but it is right; for all is like an ocean, all is flowing and blending; a touch in one place sets up movement at the other end of the earth. It may be senseless to beg forgiveness of the birds, but birds would be happier at your side –a little happier, anyway– and children and all animals, if you yourself were nobler than you are now. It’s all like an ocean, I tell you. Then you would pray to the birds too, consumed by an all-embracing love in a sort of transport, and pray that they too will forgive you your sin.”
Fyodor Dostoyevsky