22k gold ganesha pendant with 20 diamonds

22k Gold Ganesha Pendant with 20 Diamonds

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This beautiful pendant is solid 22 karat gold and represents Lord Ganesha. It is very detailed and resplendent with 20 VS1 diamonds. It measures 20mm in height.

Ganesha is the son of Shiva and Parvati. One day, Parvati created Ganesha while Shiva was away. She wanted to take a bath and asked Ganesha to stand guard.  Shiva came home and did not recognize his son whom he had never met. When barred from entering his home, Shiva became angry and lost his temper. He beheaded Ganesha. Obviously, Parvati was overcome with grief, as was Shiva when he learned Ganesha was actually his son. He ordered a new head from the nearest animal be bestowed upon the boy giving him his iconic elephant visage.

22k gold is almost pure gold. In fact, it is 91.67% pure gold! The highest karat for gold is 24, and it is not desirable for jewelry due to its softness.

VS1 diamonds are of high clarity. All diamonds are imperfect. The minor inclusions in a VS1 diamond can only be seen at a magnification of 10 or higher. VS1 diamonds the most common grade used in jewelry.

We though Ganesha deserved only the highest quality materials in his honor. This pendant represents are devotion and love.

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