Moldavite Carved Happy Buddha 18k Gold Pendant

Moldavite Carved Happy Buddha 18k Gold Pendant

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This truly unique, one-of-a-kind piece features a beautiful, happy, smiling Buddha carved into a superior piece of Moldavite set in 18k gold. The pendant measures about 1" x 1 1/4".

The Happy Buddha takes its origin from a 10th century Chinese Buddhist Monk and has been embraced by many traditions. The symbolism of the laughing, smiling, bald-headed Buddha with a full round belly is happiness and prosperity. It is also said to bring good luck to families with young children. 

Moldavite is considered the most powerful crystal in the world! From ancient times, people have thought moldavite brought good luck.

This is a genuine, high-quality piece of moldavite evident by its translucent nature. It's natural shape and luster makes this pendant unique and distinctive. The 18K gold setting creates the perfect balance to allow this stunning piece of moldavite shine on its own. Your friends are going to wish they found this pendant first!

The story of how it was created is amazing and explains why the gem has such intense energy. 

15 million years ago an enormous meteorite crashed into the mountains of what is today southern Germany. The intense heat created moldavite! This rare stone is only found in the Czech Republic and is named for the Moldau River,

Some people experience a flush of heat when they wear or hold moldavite for the first time. This warmth helps to release old patterns of negativity and shift one's intentions.

The combined powerful energy of Moldavite with the prosperity and happiness of the Laughing Buddha gives this piece many benefits to those that wear it. You will certianly have abundant good luck!

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