Jai 108 Presents


The Love We Bring

The name of our company is based around the number 108, which has long been a significant number for us. It is sacred to both Hindu's and Buddhists'.  It is the number of beads on the mala that the Dalai Lama wears. And we feel it is way for us to incorporate a bit of the spiritual, with the material and practical aspect of doing business. The word "Jai" translates to 'victory' or 'triumph' from the ancient Sanskrit language. ‘Presents’ is a play on the word present. We consider the minerals from the Earth we use as gifts. And as such, it is a constant reminder that there is a spark of the divine present everywhere, and we hope that this spark kindles the flame of our creativity.


That said, the other spark that has not only kindled the flame of our creativity but has ignited it and let it grow into the bright raging fire that guides us to this day has been the Music and art of the Grateful Dead. It is a real honor for our little company, which was dreamt up while living on Maui in the early '90's, to not only be officially licensed to make these pieces, but to be able to share them with you.


The Love We Bring is the culmination of many years combining the two elements that we are most passionate about, creating jewelry and the Grateful Dead.


Huckleberry created Jai 108 Presents to showcase his silver and gold jewelry inspired by the music and art of the Grateful Dead, as well as the mysteries inherent in Sacred Geometry imagery. He first started making and selling jewelry in 1985 to fund his desire to see as many Grateful Dead concerts as possible.  In his words, he just couldn't get enough.  It has long been his dream to work in some capacity for or with the band that he loves and respects so much.  By applying for and getting officially "licensed" by Grateful Dead Productions and giving the band and their artists due credit, he has finally realized one of his long standing dreams. Huckleberry named his line of officially licensed G.D. pieces "The Love We Bring" because he feels that remembering the love we bring is an important message all fans of the Grateful Dead can relate to and revere. By wearing and sharing this jewelry made from gold, silver and precious gems, we can all remember the love we bring in a tangible, grateful way.