Opallios Opal Sterling Silver Pendant spiritual jewelry

Opallios Opal Sterling Silver Pendant

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This radiant opal pendant is set in sterling silver and features a kaleidoscope of colors. "Opallios" is the Greek word for opal meaning "to perceive a color change". Our Opallios Opal Sterling Silver Pendant is an exquisite example of the remarkable ability of this gems to shine in so many hues.

Ancient Romans thought that opals were the most powerful gemstones because they contain so many colors. Bedouins believed opals contained lightning. 

Opal is the perfect gemstone for spiritual jewelry. Opals are said to strengthen and reinforce positive thoughts. In addition, wearing opal jewelry inspires creativity. Our Opallios Opal pendant is sure to do both! Who doesn't need both of these qualities in their life?

Creativity takes courage. 
 Henri Matisse