18k Gold Peruvian Blue Opal and Tsavorite Heart Pendant

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Something new under the sun.... our fave; Paraiba Blue Opal*, set in 18k gold and surrounded by beautiful green garnets (tsavorite) .. I had originally cut this heart shape piece to go with two purple sugilite wings, but it would have been over 2" long, and the wings didn't get carved exactly to spec (a lost in translation thing) ... then I carved a free form heart in gold for the blue heart to be placed in, but the price of gold skyrocketed...   So in the end, this cute little guy came through (if an 11 carat opal is little 😉 ) .. something about it makes me happy.... sharing is caring and all that... or maybe since our business card reads; "Jai 108 Presents; jewelry from the heart.. for the heart" and this is the first time we actually made a heart shaped pendant from a heart shape stone... either way. pendant measures 23mm x 25mm             💙in~joy💙