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Sweet Anne Marie Marquis Flower of Life Sterling Silver Rhodolite Garnet Earrings

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Our new Marquis Flower of Life Earrings look like little flowers in your ears. We named them after Sweet Anne Marie because they are sure to be your heart's delight ("Friend of the Devil"). Adorned with raspberry red rhodolite garnets, these unique earrings are dainty and sweet.

Garnet is said to be the "traveler's stone". In addition, it is also believed to encourage compassion, self-confidence, and successful business. Spread these intentions while wearing these beautiful earrings.

The overall length of these earrings is just shy of 1.25". The diameter of the circle is 0.5". 

“Your conversations help create your world. Speak of delight, not dissatisfaction. Speak of hope, not despair. Let your words bind up wounds, not cause them.”
Tao Te Ching